Direct School Admission 2017 (Sports)

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Dear all,
-Please click here for 2016 Semester 2 Time table.
-Please click here for 4E5N Prelim 1 Exam Schedule.
-Please click here June holiday homework 2016.
-Please click here for CCA June Holiday Programme 2016. Contact CCA teacher in charge for more details as the programme is subject to minor changes. ( Updated June 1 2016)
-Please click here for June holiday Time-table for study programme 2016.
-The certificates and testimonials for our Express, Normal Academic and Normal Technical students who have graduated in 2015 will be ready for collection from 11 April 2016 onwards. Timing for collection from General Office is from Monday to Friday9.30 am to 5pm. Please avoid lunch time: 12pm to 1.00pm.

May 2

Labour Day Holiday

May 6 - May 13


May 17- 28

Sec 4E 5N MTL Intensive

Sec 1- 3 E Learning

May 23

Vesak Day

May 25

Sec 2 Inter class Games

May 26

Report Book Release

CCE ( Sec 2 Overseas Immersion Trip)